Friday, September 11, 2009

An Unrequited Need...

Well... I know this was to be a postmodern experiment in blogging in silence to the grossly populated virtual world, and the inherent irony such an action contains, but I have been tempted to end the experiment, because I have an unrequited need to be read! Sad, isn't it! I may have to establish another blog, to continue the experiment, thereby retaining my revolutionary integrity! Come to think of it... maybe that's fruitless. Perhaps I should merely write here and accept that art for art's sake, is something that should be confined to those who know what they are doing.. I am a mere pawn in the philosophic and spiritual world of postmodern deconstructionist speculation!


I must depart before the entanglement of my own thoughts, my stream of consciousness and all manner of private thought, strangles me!

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